About Us

The 1845 Tap House is locally owned and operated with a goal of serving the very best of what Florida has to offer. Since becoming the 27th state in 1845, Florida has become one of the most recognized leaders in beer, wine, and spirits quality and production. When visiting the 1845 Tap House you will find one of the largest selections of Florida craft beer, wines, and spirits. The 1845 Tap House aims to also serve the community through assisting Central Florida charities and programs.

Scott and Kristin have lived in the Davenport area for more than 15 years. Sharing a passion and taste for craft beer, their travels have always included local breweries. Visiting breweries across the US and other countries, both Scott and Kristin agree that Florida has so much to offer. Through their combined 35 years in the service industry, they aim to provide both the best experience and local product under one roof.

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